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Registration and Borrowing Policies


  • Loans are available to anyone who is a current resident of Kingston & surrounding area, 50 kms from the M.I.L.L. (please call ahead if you are unsure if your area qualifies.)

    map of mill boundaries

    M.I.L.L. Boundaries

  • You will need Both of the following in order to register:
    • a Photo ID showing date of birth
    • and a Recent Document showing current residential address, such as a utility bill (you can even mail yourself a postcard).

New September 1st, Registration Recovery Program

Commencing September 1st, 2013 there will be a one-time registration recovery of $10.00 for new borrowers to help offset increasing operating costs.  Please have cash ready at the time of registration. There will continue to be no charges or fees  to borrow an instrument.


  • A parent or guardian must sign the loan agreement for a borrower under 16 years of age.
  • Instruments loans are issued on a 4-week basis (Drum kits up to 3 months and some larger keyboards up to 6 months) & must be returned to the Library for examination & loan renewal at the end of this period (A reminder chit showing return due date will be issued at time of borrowing)
  • Extensions may be arranged upon return by due date, if not reserved for another borrower (instrument must be returned to the library on the due date in order to request an extension).
  • Any overdue or late- returned items may be reclaimed by the Library if required for use by other
  • A $1.00 per day fine will be applied to late returns. [max $30]. Cash only please. Borrowers will not be able to take out a new loan until all fees are cleared up. If you know in advance that you will be late or will have transportation issues with your instrument, contact us immediately so we can make arrangements.
  • Certain ‘special’ instruments are only available for loan to more experienced musicians who are borrowers in good standing, i.e. those who have previously borrowed from the general M.I.L.L. inventory, returned on time, in good condition.
  • Any instrument currently out on loan may be reserved for loan upon its return to the library. A reserved instrument will be held for three working days from notification of availability.
  • If an instrument is damaged or stolen while on loan, please contact the librarian immediately so we can assess the situation. The majority of issues can usually be easily remedied at the library and seldom result in a cost to the borrower unless the damage was intentiona lor due to negligence by the borrower.
  • Due to an increase in registrations and in order to keep our client base current , it has become necessary to update contact information etc for our long-time borrowers. In this regard, Joe’s M.I.L.L. has implemented the following policy change:Commencing January 1st of each year, cardholders with registration cards over 2 years old will be required to re-register. This means as of January 1st, 2014 all borrower registration cards in the 11XXXnumber series will cease to be valid. In order to continue to borrow our instruments, clients holding these card numbers will be required to re-register.Please have the following ready at the time of re-registration:
    • Photo ID showing date of birth
    • Recent document confirming current residential address within the Library borrowing area


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  1. Shelley Forbes

     /  05/10/11

    I have just found out about your lending library mostly due to the fact that my son is now interested in his grade 8 music program. Of course his grandmother mentioned the library right away. Everyone knew Wally or knew of him. It’s nice to see this lending library in operation. I got your site info from Jack. It’s great that you have a site !!
    I am looking to borrow a clarinet or perhaps a sax. I will stop by the library next week with my son, Saimaniq to check out what is available. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    Sincerely Shelley Forbes.

  2. This place is truly just amazing. When I first moved here somebody told me about it and I didnt really believe such a place existed. But as soon as you walk in you see the vast amounts of instruments that have been dedicated to the charity. There should be a joe’s mill in every city.

  3. joesmill

     /  01/02/12

    We have 5 on inventory, but they may be out currently. Please call the library directly or email info@joesmill.org.

  4. Mandii Leigh

     /  10/02/12

    this place is awesome, now when ta friend says: i wish i had a…. i will say: no excuses!!!! i already have a few friends and family who are interested and will be bringing and sending them in to enrole….

  5. bob

     /  08/03/12

    do you have any drums??

    • joesmill

       /  08/03/12

      We sure do … stop in tomorrow from 10 – 4 to see what’s currently available, or call the library directly.

  6. joesmill

     /  15/03/12

    Hi Gwen,
    Your best bet is to call the library directly at 613 549 5637 or email info@joesmill.org. The website is not regularly monitored by the librarian.

  7. I know you have heard this many times, but what an absolutely great idea! It’s awesome to see it in motion! :) Definitely want to drop in and check out what you guys have in stock.

    Rae Blair

  8. Kate

     /  29/03/12

    Love this place!
    Friendly staff and great instruments.

  9. allison

     /  18/10/12

    hey i am interested in renting a flute for school but i need it until may or june. what do i do

    • joesmill

       /  18/10/12

      Hi Allison, please either email Roger our librarian or call him, info is on the contact page. He will walk you through what needs to be done if you are in a school program

  10. Deb de Oliveira

     /  11/01/13

    May I reserve a simple acoustic guitar for a beginner to try out for lessons starting mid-February through April?

    • joesmill

       /  12/01/13

      Hi Deb, the website if for information purposes and we do our lending procedure in person. Please contact roger down at the library, you will need to sign out an instrument as per our lending policies.
      Thank you for asking


  11. Richard

     /  16/04/13

    Do you have a 12 or 7 hole ocarina ?

    • joesmill

       /  16/04/13

      Hi Richard, the website is for information about the organization and we do our lending procedure in person. Please contact Roger down at the library at info@joesmill.org, or see the phone number on the Contact page http://joesmill.wordpress.com/contact/ for information on instruments.

      Thank you for asking


  12. do you have vegetable musical instrument? :)

    • joesmill

       /  10/06/13

      I don’t believe that we have many instruments made from vegetables, possibly gourds but I would need to check with Roger. In the meantime, you have a very interesting website and I would like to link it to the Joe’s M.I.L.L. site.

  13. Is it possible for me to borrow a left-handed guitar?

    • joesmill

       /  23/08/13

      That would definitely be possible Shobhit, we have a few left hand guitars here that would be perfect for you. Be sure to bring in photo ID (with DOB) and proof of address so that you can register as a borrower with the M.I.L.L. :)

  14. Hannah

     /  18/10/13

    Hi I just rented a clarinet I just want to clarify; because I’m going to need it for school for the next year or two, do I bring it ion on the due date and request an extension? Or is there anything else I need to do? Call prior? Thanks!

    • joesmill

       /  19/10/13

      Hi Hannah, if you need to contact the library to clarify your borrowing period and requirements please email Roger at info@joesmill.org or call the library during operating hours.

  15. Yaru Wang

     /  22/03/14

    I’m just wondering if there is Guzheng ( the Chinese zither) available in the library?

    Thank you,
    Yaru Wang

    • joesmill

       /  26/03/14

      Unfortunately we do not, hopefully we will one day.


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